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Jeroen Prins

Lead Loyalty Engineer & Founder Prins

His Loyal Driver to Participation Marketing @Prins is Jeroen. Our Lead Engineer is fueled with DNAdvertising. Jeroen is our connecting junkie bringing brand propositioning and people’s dreams together through experience. He is a pleasure to meet and a pleasure to work with.
We actually double checked his motives with Deri (his lady of love) and two kids, who also motivate him to give the best of himself every single day, challenging him in play and life’s adventures through travel, sports and popular culture.

Anne-Marie Twigge

Lead Imagination Engineer

Once upon a time there was a ‘hybrid creative’ who rebelled against everything conventional. Our Imagination Engineer Anne-Marie is prized for her creativity because she just doesn’t have any inhibitions. Free as a bird she happily bounces from one discipline to the other (Brand Strategy, Behavioural Economics and Design, Artistic Research and Growth Hacking – to name a few). Connecting imagination to concepts and realizes the almost unrealizable. Her ‘made and delivered in Shanghai’ daughter keeps her on her toes often mirroring her own otherworldliness bringing Anne-Marie back to planet Earth - for a minute.

Charlotte Hannen

Finance Engineer

More about our Charlotte soon!

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